Electro Drain is the modern and safe way to drain

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Safe drainage - with established technology

Electro Drains solution for draining property basements is based on an advanced electropulse technology that charges damp in the foundations and pushes it out of the construction

We have stress tested the system for 30 years and therefore can provide a 10 year guarantee on all technology.

We provide a 90-day guarantee that we have achieved the promised result, otherwise you have the right to get your money back.

How does it work?

3 benefits of Electro Drain:

1. Do not dig up the garden

With Electro Drains drainage, you do not have to dig up the wooden deck, greenhouse, paving and / or lawn.

2. Easy, safe and fast

Normally it takes a working day to install Electro Drains system, then just wait.

3. Stops the damp under the house

Since the work is done from the inside, we also stop the moisture directly under the house, where the excavator never gets to.

What do some of our customers say

Four weeks after installation, the walls were dry. The musty basement smell is now completely gone and at half the cost of draining with traditional methods.

Runa och Daniel Gustafsson / Borås

We dug up both lawns and the paving around the house. In the plate, where we had not been able to drain, we measured a full 99.6% relative humidity. That was when we contacted Electro Drain. Now it's dry.

Michael Boije / Project Manager Svenljunga Verksamhetslokaler AB

We live in a turn-of-the-century house with granite walls. For a long time we have had moisture problems, with mold growth, without finding a solution. The new technology became what saved everything. There can be no smarter way to dry a basement.

Peter Breding / Home owner Göteborg

Some satisfied customers

This is how our technology works

Electro Drain's solution for draining basements is based on electroosmosis, which is a well-proven method for expelling moisture from concrete. Because the technology works in the concrete itself, it is especially effective in counteracting water intrusion caused by rising, capillary, soil moisture. That it is an effective method is evidenced in tests and research reports and, not least, in all the more than 3,000 installations that have been made in Sweden alone. Each installation is carried out in a professional manner with a guaranteed result within 90 days and a 10-year function guarantee.

Research Studies

Stephan Mangold at Chalmers Industriteknik has made a report on our drying technology.

Norwegian Building and Infrastructure has developed an extensive study of the link between moisture control and electroosmosis technology.

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